5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade Technology. The focus of this year will center around collaborative lessons with real life application outside of the class. Everything completed in class will also involve elements of computer and online safety including:

  • Protecting yourself while in an online community
  • Talking safely within an online community
  • Protecting yourself from online scams
  • Setting strong passwords to keep your identity safe
  • being a good digital citizen
  • protecting yourself from online security theft
  • power of words
  • how to respond to mean and scary language on the Internet
  • understanding your digital footprint.

WSES News Application (to be completed with your parents)

Unit 1: Setting Standards (File Management)

I CAN identify three ways keep myself safe while using technology.

Facebook Icon | Template

Twitter Icon | Template

Instagram Icon |Template

Unit 2: Internet Safety (Browsers)

I CAN identify three ways to keep myself safe while using the Internet.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Etiquette
  • Determination of Safety of Websites

Digital Netiquette Video

Cyberbullying Video

Bully Bystander Video

Unit 3: Evolution of Technology (Google Docs or Slides)

I CAN identify how technology has changed through eras such as Native American, Colonial, early 1900’s, mid 1900’s, late 1900’s, and 2000’s.

Identify the pros and cons of technology tools in social media, streaming (Netflix/Hulu), Voice Activated items (Alex, Siri), Big Screen TV’s, cell phones, computers

Predict the next big technology tool.

Unit 4: Weather Disasters and Safety (Video Creation)

I CAN desribe what causes various weather disasters and how they impact society.

Weather Reporting Assignment

Tips on making a live weather report

Unit 5: HTML Code (Coding)

HTML Code (Riley’s class…Watch this video from Mr. C)



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